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International Marketing

Marketing Degree Guide: International Marketing Resources

Here is a resource is for finding information on effective international marketing and advertising techniques. This will help you learn about the country reports and statistics of current economic situations from around the world. Check out this valuable information if you want to learn more about international marketing: how it functions, how it is done successfully, the laws and policies that surround it and information technology that aids in its effectiveness.

Advertising Information

Internet Marketing

  • Corporate Business on the Internet Strategy: an informative overview of effective strategies for improving a corporation via the internet.
  • Digital Tornado: an online paper on the Federal Communications Commission’s internet and telecommunications policy
  • WWW User Surveys: surveys on the growth and trends in Internet usage
  • Internet Statistics: information on the growth, data, and terminology of the internet and internet usage
  • Internet 2: a networking consortium where research and technology is shared to better Internet technologies and strategies
  • Morgan Stanley : a leader in providing financial advice as well as information on effective internet marketing strategies
  • NUA Soft: resource for tips and advice on web design, web hosting, and internet marketing
  • Internet Marketing News : tips and resources for better internet marketing strategies
  • M&M: a network for connecting global marketers so they can share effective global marketing practices and techniques

U.S. and Global Country Reports

Information News on Tourism, Trade, and Business Opportunities from around the World

  • African Studies: here researchers and students can share information and knowledge about all aspects of African culture
  • Argentina Business Information: a guide to business policies and procedures in Argentina
  • Asian Business Strategy: an Ezine on management and marketing throughout Asia and the Asian Pacific regio
  • Australia Business and Culture Guide: a guide for finding essential information about Australia’s culture and business industry
  • Bolivarian Republic of Venzuela: news and resources for finding information on the culture and business industry in Venezuela
  • Canada’s Government Official Website: resource for finding the latest news and information on what’s happening in Canada
  • Czech Republic News: resource for business, tourism, and education throughout the Czech Republic
  • Dutch Export: information on export suppliers, companies, and export news throughout Holland
  • Eastern and Central Europe: general resources for travel in these regions, categorized by country
  • European Union Business: business, legal and economic news throughout the European Union
  • Global Resources: directory of international business resources, market potential indicators, and the database of international business statistics
  • Industry Canada: resources for businesses and consumers throughout Canada
  • JEF: the Japan Economic Foundation is dedicated providing information to the public about Japan’s business industry to improve international communications
  • JETRO: the Japan External Trade Organization provides the latest news on a wide range of business-related industry topics
  • Latin American Information Center: find economic, educational and government related information and news on all of the countries throughout Latin America
  • Mexico Information Center: find news on trade and sales in Mexico from the Trade Commission of Mexico in Los Angeles
  • Middle East and North Africa Information: the business section of Al Bawaba provides information on the top business related stories throughout these regions
  • UK Travel Guide: here you can find hotels, travel packages as well as active London and UK maps for traveling to and throughout the United Kingdom
  • U.S. Export: resources for strategies, research, and events for U.S. companies and trade show organizers


  • Aneki Rankings and Records: dedicated to providing information on countries around the world for better world understandings by ranking countries in different economic and social topics
  • Foreign Trade: here you can find export and import statistics that have shaped regulations
  • Inter-American Development Bank: access news, and information on economic and financial statistics for Latin America
  • Statistical Sites: a directory of statistical websites on the internet, provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Foreign Trade Information System: find trade data and statistics from a wide range of countries and regions
  • Canada Statistics: the central statistical agency for Canada provides information on population, resources, economy, and culture for better understandings of the country
  • Industry Canada: resource for economic and market statistics and research
  • UK Statistics: a data base for finding statistics on a wide range of cultural and economic topics in the United Kingdom
  • United Nations Statistics Division: find data on a wide range of statistics to promote economic growth and development around the world
  • UNCTAD-TRAINS: a computerized information system measuring the many different kinds and aspects of tariffs
  • Internet World Stats: provides data on internet usage, telecommunications, market information and world population, categorized by region and country
  • Market Research World: provides statistical analysis of marketing research around the world

Trade Agreements, Policies and Laws

Journals and Publications


  • Market News International: data and analysis on financial markets around the world
  • RFERL: Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty is an online news source for learning about events in the news throughout Middle East and Eastern Europe
  • VOA News: providing information on the latest news, events and changes throughout America and around the world


  • Marketing Power: the American Marketing Association provides information here on the practice, teaching and development of marketing worldwide
  • PBEC: the Pacific Basin Economic Council provides news and events to promote free trade investment
  • World Trade Organization: a news and research organization devoted to liberalizing trade as well as bringing together governments to negotiate trade agreement