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Cool List of Marketing Resources for Educators

Historical Marketing

Print Advertising History

  • The 19th Century American Trade Card: Trade cards were one of the primary forms of advertising in the 19th century. Digital images of these cards can be viewed by searching the online catalogue.
  • The Ad* Access Project: This database presents over 7,000 advertisements found in North American newspapers and magazines from 1911 to 1955.
  • Phillip Morris USA, Inc. Advertising Archive: Print ads and other tobacco marketing materials dating back to early 1900s are provided in this searchable database.
  • Understanding Advertising: This article focuses on the development of modern advertising by looking at examples from the late 19th-century and early 20th-century.

Evolution From Print Advertising

  • A Brief History of Advertising in America: The foundation for early American advertising began in Europe. As society and technology advanced advertising and marketing moved from face-to-face selling, to print, radio, TV, Internet, and direct mail marketing.
  • Library of American Broadcasting: Check out vintage radio ads to track how radio advertising has progressed through the decades.
  • Political Campaign Ad Archives: Looking for a way to make political advertising of interest to students? This resource traces the history of political TV advertising from the first on air commercials in 1952.
  • The: 30 Second Candidate: A Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) documentary provides a look at the creation of early TV political ads. The classic “Eisenhower Answers America” campaign is examined in detail.

Gender, Race and Ethnicity in Advertising

Historical Perspectives 

  • A Brief History of Sex in Advertising: Take a tour of how traditional gender roles, sexualization of women, and shock value have been used to spice up advertising campaigns.
  • AdFlip: This exhaustive database of print ads covers the 1940s to the new millennium and is searchable by era or category.
  • Runaway Slave Advertisements: These 18th-century Virginia newspaper advertisements include images and text placed by owners and law enforcement officials for recovery of runaway slaves.
  • The Commercial Closet Association: From the Advertising Media Program of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, this library of gay advertising present print and TV ads for review. Scores are given rating the portrayal of gays in the media, essays, statistics, lesson plans, and other educational resources are provided.

A More Modern Look

 Advertising Organizations Education & Career Development Resources

  • American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA): Looking to update knowledge of presentation skills, emerging technologies, or the art of the sell? The AAAA provides data on marketing schools and online training programs.
  • American Advertising Federation (AAF): This trade association provides a voice for advertising professionals and has over 200 college chapters that guide students through job placement, internship opportunities, scholarships, mentoring, and networking.
  • Direct Marketing Association (DMA): The DMA provides a number of educational opportunities including online courses, certifications, and seminars.
  • Television Bureau of Advertising This not-for-profit trade association provides a number of resources useful for marketers planning and paying for local broadcast media.

Advertising & Marketing Journals

  • About Knowledge@Wharton: An online business journal provided by the Wharton School offers current news, interviews, analysis of trends, and more on marketing.
  • Journal of Interactive Advertising: This online publication from the American Academy of Advertising covers how interactive media is used to promote brand awareness, issue public service announcements, and communicate targeted information to consumers.
  • Journal of International Consumer Marketing: Provides the latest analysis and research related to consumerism, issues covered include buyer behaviors, brand loyalty, cultural based advertising from a global viewpoint.
  • Psychology & Marketing: Focused on how psychological theory impacts marketing, this respected journal presents a range of knowledge important to scholarly study.

Other Marketing Related Publications

  • Adbusters: Described as social activist movement, this magazine provides a different perspective of advertising and ecology.
  • Advertising Age: Classroom, library, and individual studies editions of this magazine allow integration of current advertising and marketing information into college classrooms.
  • Brand Packaging: The magazine devoted to consumer packaging features an online edition, webinars, and case studies for examination.
  • Harris Interactive: Harris Interactive conducts brand and advertising research and surveys to understand the needs and desires of consumers. The company publishes several newsletters to share this data.
  • Marketing News: The official publication of the American Marketing Association, this publication covers the basics of research, best practices, branding, and other fundamentals of marketing.
  • Saurage Marketing Research: This marketing research firm publishes Advertising Key Findings, a bi-monthly publication covering current consumer activity and spending habits.

Marketing Analysis & Research

  • Brand Channel: Brand papers provide access to the latest research and news in the industry. A branding glossary, career information, brand profiles, and recommended readings are also included.
  • MarcommWise Marketing Articles: Copywriting is a special type of skill. Educators and students can benefit from these articles designed to teach the finer points of marketing writing and catching the customers’ interest.

Marketing Guides

  • Ad Council: The Ad Council provides public service advertisements to address important social issues. Their resources for educators can be used to teach students about current campaigns, historical campaigns, research used in campaigns, campaign effectiveness, and best practices.
  • AdSlogans.com: Flow charts, descriptions, worksheets, and questionnaires are provided for educators and students to explain advertising slogans.
  • Advertising: Graphic models and advertising examples break down the goals of advertising and copywriting.
  • Conducting Market Research: This fact sheet breaks down the importance of effective market research and aids students in understand how to best reach specific consumer groups through targeted advertising.
  • Guide to Careers in Advertising: From the Advertising Educational Foundation, this guide can help students understand career possibilities, educational requirements, and acing job interviews to get hired at an advertising agency.
  • What is Marketing?: This guide from the Small Business Administration covers methods of conducting market research, using the data results, and why such information is needed.

Marketing Related Glossaries

  • Illustrated Glossary: This short glossary for advertising studies uses illustrations to help explain concepts.
  • Marketing Glossary: Fundamental concepts help students learn the lingo essential for transitioning to professional careers in the industry.
  • Quirks.com: Discover the meaning of various marketing research related terms at this glossary searchable by term, meaning, or research topic.